MyPoint PowerPoint Presentation Pro

Frequently asked questions

Install / Setup

How do I connect MyPoint to my computer?

Please take a look at our Getting Started page that contains step by step instructions.

Which settings should I use when I run PowerPoint in a virtual machine like Parallels or VirtualBox?

Network settings:
Select "Bridged Networking" (Parallels) or "Bridged adapter" (VirtualBox)
When using the Marker feature please ensure the following setting:
In Parallels: Menu Virtual Machine - Configure - Services: Set SmartMouse to Off
In VirtualBox: Disable host mouse pointer integration

Why does my firewall software display a warning when I start MyPoint Connector?

MyPoint on the iPhone/iPod/iPad needs to communicate with MyPoint Connector on the PC/Mac. Most firewalls will display a warning for this type of communication. We suggest to permanently allow access to or unblock MyPoint Connector within the firewall software.

I do not have administrator privileges for my PC. Will I be able to install MyPoint Connector?

The installer for MyPoint Connector does not require administrator privileges, but you might need administrator privileges for adjusting your firewall settings.


Why can’t MyPoint find my PC/Mac?

Please check the following:

  • MyPoint Connector is running on the PC/Mac. If MyPoint Connector is not running it can be launched via Programs -> Didonai -> MyPoint
  • ZeroConfig (Apple Bonjour) is installed. If not installed, a link to the Bonjour installer can be found here.
  • Your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected via WiFi to the same network as your PC/Mac

Can I use the USB cable to connect my iPhone/iPod/iPad to my PC/Mac to control PowerPoint instead of using WiFi?

No, the current version of MyPoint only supports WiFi. If you can’t connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad and PC/Mac to an existing WiFi network you could also setup a WiFi Ad-Hoc network on your PC/Mac.

You can setup an WiFi Ad-Hoc network on your PC (the setup depends on the version of Windows that you are using). If you use MyPoint on the iPhone/iPod/iPad with an Ad-Hoc network we suggest the following: Turn the Airplane Mode to "ON", turn Wifi to "On", and select the WiFi Ad-Hoc network.

Do I need to install Bonjour?

With Bonjour MyPoint can automatically detect your PC/Mac. MyPoint works without using Bonjour, but you have to provide your PC/Mac IP address manually.

To determine your IP address, start MyPoint Connector and select the MyPoint tray icon on your PC/Mac. Select the context menu. It will show the IP address, which can be entered in the MyPoint network settings.

Basic functionality / Navigation

Why does MyPoint not recognize the current presentation running on my Windows PC?

Please verify the version of MyPoint Connector, which is displayed in the context menu of the MyPoint Connector icon in the task bar. If the version is "2.0 (2195)" we suggest to download the new version 2.0.1 of MyPoint Connector. The new version contains a fix for this Windows-specific issue.

How can I get to the first or last slide of my presentation?

Use the goto functionality.

For the first slide, scroll to the beginning and tap on the first slide. For the last slide, scroll to the end and tap on the last slide.

Marker (Pointer, Pen)

How can I switch between pointer and pen?

You can switch between pointer and pen mode with the 3rd button on the extended toolbar. When in pen mode the 2nd button on the extended toolbar changes. In addition the color of the pen is displayed on the lower left corner of the current slide view.